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Our mission

The right to access for complete and independent information should be the right of every European Union citizen, we aim to provide this for the motorcycle market without any charge to everyone, by researching and presenting the data in a way that the visitor can compare and be informed.

To achieve our mission:

We research the motorcycle specifications from published information as well as our own hands on reviews, and we convert the data to common, comparable formats for direct comparison.

We are not influenced by anyone since we provide specification items without opinions or subjective views. In addition we record the level of reliability of the data sources to further provide he degree of quality of the each specification item researched.

We provide the tools and new innovative technologies we have developed to the visitors, to allow a comprehensive view of the immense number of characteristics we have recorded.
In addition we provide multiple comparison tools that allow personal preferences to be applied, to get personal results back.

About us and

BrainSoft Software with many years of experience in custom software analysis / design / development, has created MotoStop, a pilot application to record, manage, present large number of data for products, and specifically for motorcycles.

The MotoStop idea was formed when we saw the lack of comparison tools that would allow the inclusion of personal preferences in any product searching and comparisons in the internet.
We believe that the internet user should be able to find somewhere all products of the same type, with multiple characteristics recorded and presented at the same units of measure. In addition in our age of technology, it should be possible to compare products comprehensively combining many specification items.
We didn't find this anywhere, in any product type or any application. The published information for products is usually incomplete, contains data recorded in incompatible units of measure, and doesn't complete a large number of characteristics items.
In addition, the comparison of products is still primitive, by simply showing items next to each-other, leaving the observer to an impossible task of converting the items to the same units of measure and comparing multiple items at once.

We decided to start from the Motorcycle market of Greece (our mother country) where we have large experience both from the market as well as the country, creating

We are now expanding to the European Union market by the publishing of

5,997recorded motorcycles
467,601recorded specifications
78specifications per motorcycle (AVG)
0motorcycle classifieds
0registered members
Address: Asgourou, Rhodes - Tel: +44 (0) 7555 303846 Hours (UK time): 18:00 - 22:00 Monday-Friday
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