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Information we have recorded for the year:

Motorcycles at motostop
7recorded motorcycles
Motorcycle specification items at motostop
511recorded specifications
Recorded specifications per motorcycle at motostop
73specifications per motorcycle (avg)
Different categories
3different categories
2,314€Average Price
The make EUROMOTORS according to the specifications we have recorded at has the profile:

It exports motorcycles of categories ATV, CUSTOM, ENDURO, SCOOTER, SPORT, STREET, UNDERBONE with emphasis in categories STREET, SPORT, CUSTOM
  • For 2015 16 motorcycles, with average price 2.054€
    The average of all specification items we have recorded is 35 per motorcycle, which means 46,15% under the average of all makes
  • For 2016 19 motorcycles, with average price 2.105€
    The average of all specification items we have recorded is 42 per motorcycle, which means 41,67% under the average of all makes
  • For 2017 5 motorcycles, with average price 2.657€
    The average of all specification items we have recorded is 63 per motorcycle, which means 23,17% under the average of all makes
  • For 2020 7 motorcycles, with average price 2.314€
    The average of all specification items we have recorded is 73 per motorcycle, which means 21,51% under the average of all makes


CUSTOM - Motorcycles:2 Displacement 124 to 125 Price 1.700 to 2.650
JLR 125
124cc 1.700€
SPORT - Motorcycles:2 Displacement 125 to 250 Price 2.170 to 2.800
250cc 2.800€
125cc 2.170€
STREET - Motorcycles:3 Displacement 125 to 250 Price 1.890 to 2.900
125cc 1.890€

The EUROMOTORS motorcycles that stand out of the average of their category

Because they have at least Price, Horsepower, Horsepower RPM, Torque, Top Speed higher than the average of all motorcycles of their category:

JLR 125 CUSTOM, horsepower rpm (8.500 RPM),
ATHENSVILLE 125 SCRAMBLER CUSTOM, horsepower rpm (9.500 RPM).

The EUROMOTORS motorcycles that have first places at their categories for year 2020

First places in Min (lowest) / Max (largest) at: Price, width, length, height, mixed consumption, horsepower, horsepower rpm, torque, torque rpm, weight without fluids, per category (For each category, which bikes of the make have the largest or smallest value of the specification item. Thes bikes stand out from their category between all makes)

Final euro price (with VAT)JLR 1251.70013.977
Combined Consumption (l/100km)JLR 1252,104,59
Horsepower at RPMATHENSVILLE 125 SCRAMBLER9.5007.042
Weight without liquids (kg)ATHENSVILLE 125 SCRAMBLER118242
Height (mm)CHIEF 250 NINJA1.0401.126
Torque at RPMCHIEF 250 NINJA6.0009.434
Final euro price (with VAT)JLR 125RR2.17017.074
Horsepower (ps)JLR 125RR11,80130,42
Width (mm)ATHENSVILLE 125720814
Width (mm)ATHENSVILLE 125 CAFE RACER720814

Statistics for the specification items: Price, Horsepower, Horsepworer RPM, Torque,Torque RPM, width, height, length, average consumption.

Here, by chosing the displacement limits (engine cc from and to - both necessary) we calculate the average of each specification item from the above, for the selected make, per motorcycle category. In addition, we calculate the average of all makes for the specific category.
Attention, the specific items are for the selected year and only the items we have recorded (there may be cases where we havend recorded some items because we didnt find them or the maker does not publish them
Displacement (cc),
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